‘No one here gives a shit that I’m gay’

It was a warm summer day, and Fei Hong’s mother was supposed to arrive home late. Rebellious, and fearing no one, teenager Fei invited her girlfriend over. Then her mom walked in, mid-kiss, and her life changed forever. Fei Hong is not her real name; the Chinese student doesn’t want anyone in her home country to know who she is and that she lives in Groningen now. Except for her mom, no one in her family knows that she’s a lesbian.

The girl calling out catcallers

A young woman working as a waitress on a Grote Markt terrace asks a group of men who have just sat down: ‘Can I do something for you?’ ‘You can do it later tonight’, one of the men replies. The rest of them laugh. But the joke is on him; later, his vulgar reply is scrawled in bright sidewalk chalk where everyone can read it, right next to the terrace. Media studies graduate Roos de Boer (22) is the one who wrote his words down.

A university designed to make you happier

Every year the University of Groningen attracts thousands of students with a unique flair: “The city is our campus!”, RUG promises. It might seem quite the crazy idea that a couple of trees near your faculty are making you happier, or that the 8 a.m bike ride to your morning lecture might be boosting your mental health but in fact, the RUG’s planning strategies are making students healthier, happier and more connected to their communities.

Football club helps international students kick isolation

Last year, at least 25,000 Groningen students reportedly felt lonely in the city. The university has taken measures to help with integration, but people are also launching initiatives to further integration beyond the academic bubble. Local football club v.v. Mamio has established two international student teams in an effort to integrate isolated international students into a big part of Dutch culture: club sports.

Las noticias falsas en internet: Cómo se combaten desde España

Hearst y Foster Kane construyeron todo un imperio sobre el potencial comercial de la falsificación y el escándalo; una práctica vieja que sigue vigente, ahora para captar audiencias a golpe de click. Este tipo de engaños no han pasado desapercibidos, traduciéndose la mala praxis periodística de algunos en un recelo merecido a la veracidad de las noticias y la ética periodística.